Balu kapitány kalandjai 1990

Baloo the Bear from the Jungle Book is cast as a 1930's Pacific Islands bush pilot.

All Titles
  • US: TaleSpin TaleSpin
  • BR: Esquadrilha Parafuso Esquadrilha Parafuso
  • BG: Капитан Балу Капитан Балу
  • CA: Looping Looping
  • DK: Luftens helte Luftens helte
  • FI: Pilipalipilotit Pilipalipilotit
  • FR: Super Baloo Super Baloo
  • GR: Tale Spin Tale Spin
  • NO: Luftens helter Luftens helter
  • PL: Super Baloo Super Baloo
  • US: Чyдеса на виражах Чyдеса на виражах
  • US: Чудеса на виражах Чудеса на виражах
  • ES: Aventureros del aire Aventureros del aire
  • SE: Luftens hjältar Luftens hjältar
  • US: Käpt'n Balu und seine tollkühne Crew Käpt'n Balu und seine tollkühne Crew
Artists Tim Curry
as 2 episodes, 1990
Sally Struthers
as 43 episodes, 1990-1991
David L. Lander
as 1 episode, 1990
Release date 07 Sep 1990
Genre Animation Action Adventure Comedy Drama Family Fantasy Mystery
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